We do not have a RV surcharge. This means we do not ask for extra money just because you come in a RV. Space is limited and is first come first serve. Our camp does not have a RV power grid. All RVs come with a generator so we try our best to place RVs away from tents and faced away from interactive zones. 

We DO NOT rent out RVs or trailers. We also do not accept RV or trailer drop off and pick up for your convenience by a third party.

Here are 3 great sites that outline best practices and tips when taking an RV to the burn.

  1. RV Guidelines from the Burning Man site
  2. Stuff You Need to Know by Gone With the Wynns
  3. Technomadia’s 16 Tips for Taking an RV to BM just about sums it up pretty well

As it seems that more and more Burners are traveling with the RV’s, we have outlined several major points that we request you follow for your own safety and the safety of others.