The Man Burns in…


Welcome to Camp Porta Party

Camp Porta (Party) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Carmel, Ca. in the Monterey Bay. We celebrate community, music and alternative art in the desert and beyond year-round.

We are an international and diverse camp that continues to produce new ideas and art. Our vision is a unification of gender, race and color through music and art.

While being musical, one of our creations that has become known is our remote controlled Porta-Potty called “baby“. Donated by UNITED,  “baby” seems to have a mind of it’s own as it sets off down the Playa interacting with people and surprising everyone with her fun music and sound effects.

Our goal was to bring something unique to the Playa that had a strong WOW-effect and we did just that! We even threw the DMV for a loop. … is it a mutant vehicle? Moving art?  It’s a…PORTA PARTY!!!!

In 2018 we took the party mobile with our art car “Hel’s Diner”. We took a 1992 Chevy P37 motorhome chassis and cut the back open. Our pizza oven or bbq (depending on what we are gifting) now sits on the back deck. In 2018 we served close to 350 pizzas on the playa. In 2019 and 2022 we served 2000 gourmet veggie potstickers. Hel’s Diner also has a second floor, a dj set up and a pro-audio sound system.

Since the diner we’ve created a mutant vehicle called “Can O WhoopAss” and we are in the process of building a new art car “The Whippit Porcupine” out of 8000 used whippit capsules and a 1998 Ford Explorer.

If you’d like to join Porta Party this year visit the camp with us page. In the meantime familiarize yourself with the 10 Burning Man principals and the burner survival guide.

Happy Preparing!!!!

If you wish to contribute to Camp Porta Party so we can continue to grow and create, please use the DONATE button below. All donations are tax deductible and non-refundable.

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