Every year we make modifications
and improvements to our spectacular art car.
See it here!

One of the cool things about Porta Party is the ride on our art car “Hel’s Diner”. In past years we have served gourmet pizza’s and potstickers. Equipped with a clean and crisp pro-audio sound system, we also serve diverse music. With the transmission rebuilt, new tires and rear differential and suspension rebuilt in 2019, we look forward to rebuilding the front end suspension in 2020. Mechanically speaking this is the final repair. ​A large part of the camp donations everyone makes is to bring this amazing piece of art in progress to the community and our gift of food, music and fun rides.

​Hel’s Diner is built on a 1992 Chevrolet P37 chassis. The P37 is the motorhome version of Chevy’s P30 chassis. The GVWR stock is 16,500 lbs and is 33.9″ in length. Engine is a rebuilt Chevrolet 454 engine with a 7.4 liter V8 gasoline engine. The front suspension has been modified by adding the Airlift company’s air bags inside the upgraded front coil springs with an onboard air compressor. The rear suspension has leaf springs, shock absorbers and extra heavy duty rolling lobe air bags for leveling and added weight support.